Sunday, June 04, 2006

Artist Residency: Final Day

Friday, June 2, was the final day of production. We actually finished one day ahead of schedule. So, I had saturday off (caught X-Men 3 for a second time with the nephews!)

Friday's goal was to print the black, the final color in the sequence, and sign and number all the prints! The first time we printed the black, there were numerous gaps. Meaning the black wasn't lining up in certain spots. So I had to get the black film and thicken the lines in spots. But, in the end it worked out.
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As part of the printing process, Jose printed up 6 copies of a black-only edition. Kinda like those b&w variants the comic publishers put out!
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And here's a comparission shot of the one print we made where I felt the skin-color was too dark for what I wanted (on the left) and the flesh tone I ended up approving (on the right).
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So, by about 2 O'clock, we were done printing. All that remained was for me to sign and number. The edition has 88 pieces total, but there were several other sets created as well. There were 5 pieces in an Artist's Proof set, 5 of a Printer's Prood, 6 in a Test Proof, and 6 in the Black & White set. so in total there was about 110 pieces printed. I was, to say the least, very happy with the final print and proud to have been able to have had the oppurtunity. The gallery will sell a large part of the 88 edition to raise funds, and I'll get stack from those 88 to sell on my own. I also get the 5 Artist Proof, as well as one Test Proof and one B&W print. Jose, the Master Printer, was a sheer delight to work with. A true artist, he told me that for him to have the chance to work with so many artists over the years brings him great satisfaction. He's often been told that his name is known all over the world, as his work is hung in galleries and private collections. I was suprised to hear that he's worked with Salvador Dali! But also, for him, a real huge comic fan, it was a big thrill to have been able to convince the Self Help Graphics Board of Directors to create this latest series of prints based on comic books. My friends Carlos Saldana and Rafael Navarro are among the artists contributing to the series as well.

One other note, Jose told me that to have hired his services for this project, it would have cost me $3,200! So not only did I save a bundle of cash (I don't have!), but I had the priveledge of creating a serigraph of my comic book character for a very important and world famous gallery like Self-Help Graphics.

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