Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy 6-6-06, Son of Satan!

In commemoration of this demonic day, 6-6-6, let me share with you this little gem of 70s satanic chic. In my early comic book reading and collecting days, there was a title from Marvel Comics called THE SON OF SATAN! Believe it or not...!
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Yes, the House of Ideas that brought us such All-American fare like Spider-Man, Captain America and The Fantastic Four decided it was time to up their game with such horror-filled superheroes like Morbius the Living Vampire, Ghost Rider and Daimon Hellstorm, the Son of Satan! Initially launched in Marvel Sptotlight, a title created to feature new characters without having to create their own seperate title, Daimon Hellstorm had a 13 (Hmm..) issue run there from October 1973 thru October 1975, before graduating to his own title. After only 8 issues though, SON OF SATAN was cancelled in February 1977...
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This cover above is pencilled by the late Gil Kane and inked by Tom Palmer. And I have to say that is one fine looking illustration! Kane was such a dynamic cover artist throughout the 70s. He really knew how to deliver power and horror!

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Story goes that Satan decided he wanted kids, so he courted a young lady and fathered tow children with her (Yes, there is also a Devil's Daughter, SATANNA!!). Daimon, of course, as an adult learns of his true nature and rebels against his father , complete in red and yellow spandex! Wouldn't be a 1970s superhero without an outrageously flamboyant costume! The whole world was in Pop Culture Hell at the time, with Satanism all over the movies, music and comics. I didn't actually buy any of those books as a kid, though. Are you kidding me? A 10 yr. old. Mexican Catholic reading a comic book about the Devil's son?! I would buy Ghost Rider (another Satanically influenced character), but Son of Satan was just asking for trouble! It wasn't only till my mid-20s that I started picking up some of the back issues. I think I may have all the issues now. And I hear that Marvel has a new mini-series coming up.

So here's a quick sketch in homage to the Mark of the Beast-Boy. The Son of Satan, the world's most unbelievable superhero!

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Jason Martin said...

What a cool sketch!

And what a stud for creating something on that date... drats! I let it slip by!!
Oh well, there's always 7/7/07!

Javier Hernandez said...

Ha!! Well, draw the Angel!

Thanks, by the way....