Friday, January 05, 2007

New Years Revolution!

Well, if not a Revolution, maybe just a whole lotta good stuff this year!

Hope y'all had a good Holiday Season and all the best in 2007. I spent the New Year's weekend at an idyllic place by the beach...Ahhhhhhh. Came back on New Year's and realized it was time to hit the art table again, as well as bunches of emails, MySpace Friend requests (hold on, I'm comin'!!) and lots of Life stuff. One thing I had to get to was this little commission one of my Muerto Boardies asked for! He wanted to get some friends of his a personalized El Muerto drawing for Christmas. So, here it is, a tad late, but all inked and signed up. It's on the way to his pals (Geez, I hope they're not reading this blog!)

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For me, 2007 will be about getting a lot of things done, as a person and an artist. Personally, well, you know, better health for mind, body and soul. As an artist, and particularly the creator of El Muerto, let's just say certain things that have been in place for some time now will come into play. Creatively, I want to get many of the things inside my head out onto a surface. Be that Bristol board or canvas or scripts.

One of the resolutions I made to myself was to read a lot more graphic novels. I've recently read Kevin Huizenga's CURSES as well as Guy Delisle's PYONGYANG: A JOURNEY IN NORTH KOREA , an amazing autobiographic adventure into North Korea. I'm currently reading the first volume of BUDDHA by Osama Tezuka. This is an 8 part series from Vertical Books and the storytelling displayed in these books is amazing. Tezuka is called 'god of manga' in Japan, and this is one of the many reasons the late master has earned that title.

I started blogging last March, so a few more months and it'll be our One Year Anniversary here at Javzilla. I hope to make your visits here informative and entertaining. See you back....

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ziritt said...

Gracias por el comentario Javier, como va la pelicula. Wilmer Valderrama creo que es un compatriota porque yo soy de Venezuela.
Bueno esta pendiente porque estare posteando mas paginas del comics RUDO. Chao!