Thursday, April 19, 2007

Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco

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Friday I'm off to San Francisco to attend my 10th APE in a row!! Never missed one show, and in fact I debuted El Muerto there back when APE was held in San Jose. APE is put on by the folks at Comic Con International, so they know how to put on a show! I've always had stellar service at this show, and invite any comics fans in the Bay Area to come over and meet all kinds of neat cartoonists and buy some cool books.

I'll be there both days, saturday and sunday, with comics, zines and lots of prints. This is definitely my favorite comic book convention, always a great place to meet new fans and hook up with old friends. This year I'm debuting a brand new zine called: DRAWING THE DEAD. It's basically a little 'how-to-draw' El Muerto guide, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at how I create my comic book stories. Short versiont: No script, pencil the pages first, ink 'em, then write the dialogue page per page!

You can pick up a copy at APE, or write me and I'll let ya know if I have any left (most likely will!). Here's the cover and sample pages:
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I'll be at table #235, so stop by if you can. I'll update you on the El Muerto movie AND fill you in on the new evolution in my publishing plans...

Yes folks, El Muerto goes digital! Big change for the new DEAD & CONFUSED comic, but soon everyone will be able to read it anywhere! See you at APE!

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Jason Martin said...

Wha?!?! DIGITAL???!!! My mind is blown!!

Looking forward to the new book, an the new ONLINE adventures etc

Have a good show!