Tuesday, May 29, 2007

El Muerto screening in San Francisco June 3 and 5!

This year's Another Hole in the Head film fest will be hosting two El Muerto screenings! I'll be at the sunday night showing and will host a Q&A after the film. So any Bay Area Muerto fans please come out and check out the film and support the festival. The screening is held at the Roxie Cinema and should be a blast.

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Astute readers will note that El Muerto has a very special connection to the Bay Area. I debuted El Muerto at the 1998 Alternative Press Expo in San Jose. And in fact, two months later at WonderCon in Oakland, I almost killed him off! I was having a really bad show that day. No sales, no interest...nada! After taking a sullen stroll to the hotel bar and pounding down a rather mild Screwdriver (Vodka and orange juice to our younger readers!) I walked back to the table prepared to tear it down, pack it up and head back down to Whittier!

Well, as I got to the table, there was reporter from a local paper waiting for an interview and a couple of fans ready to buy comics! Long story short, I stuck around and pledged to never let myself get down like that again. I've attended every single APE since then and have met many wonderful fans and made some great friends up North. And now I'll be showing the movie based on my comic book in good ol' San Francisco! How's that for a Hollywood ending?!

Check out the festival site and order your tickets! Hope you make it out there!

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Jason Martin said...

Go Jav go!

I'm diggin the flyer...

Don't forget to espouse on the wonders of apples an peanut butter during the Q&A ;)