Thursday, April 03, 2008

San Gabriel Valley Comic Book Festival this Sunday, April 6

This weekend it the first ever SAN GABRIEL VALLEY COMIC BOOK FESTIVAL!

It's being organized by the Nuvein Foundation, a local non-profit arts and literature advocacy. They provide support to my radio show, PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO. I will in fact be conducting a one-hour live PCBR interview segment at the festival, talking to the various artists attending the show.

The Festival is on Sunday, April 6 and runs from 11am thru 5pm. Admisssion is free to the public.

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Joseph David said...

Hey Man, it's Leftyjoe here,
man, i had a lot of fun at the festival, i hope it grows. I'll do what i can to spread the word about all of you guys and about the festival.
I'm glad I got to hang out with you all.

I'm gonna try to get Jim Lujan in touch with the head of, Dave Johnson, to see it Jim can start an official Drink and draw group in the SGV, although, i think Mr. Ruben Martinez has more pull, since he is a close friend of ol' Dave Johnson.

I really recomend you come to the hollywood meetings though man, if you check out the Drink and draw book, you'll notice that the illoustrious Kat VonDee hangs out with us all the time. that's the reason I go. Just to stare, lol. jk

alright, Leftyjoe, signing off.
Pleasure to meet you once more.


it was nice to find that you all were regular guys, Max had mad me think you all were out of reach and larger than life.
You all were extremely nice, thank you for your hospitality.