Friday, April 18, 2008

Whirlwind flurry of activity lately...with Portland's STUMPTOWN Comics Fest up next week!

The last couple of months have featured a nice, steady series of events that have allowed me to present multiple facets to what I do. I've blogged about most of these events, so you can scroll down the archives and see what I've posted.

In March alone we screened EL MUERTO at the first-ever WHITTIER FILM FESTIVAL and actually won the BEST FEATURE FILM award! Our Q&A, held at nearby GEEKS comic shop, was
very well received. The weekend of March 14-17 I exhibited at the WIZARD WORLD LA comic book convention, where I drew some pretty good attention at my table with my DEMOLITION DOVE preview image. On Friday, March 28, I had a Q&A with an invite-only group of people at the Digital Business & Design College (the location from where my radio show is podcast from). The folks there had lots of great questions about me and my work, and the fact that they had over an hour to pick my brain really made it a great event. The following Sunday, March 30, I debuted my DEMOLITION DOVE Preview Sketchbook at Meltdown Comics SUPERMARKET event. A lively, small gathering of indie comics creators held in the gallery space of Meltdown, I had a great time meeting some new creators and sharing my new book with some fans.

April didn't let up. On Sunday, April 6, we held our first ever SAN GABRIEL VALLEY COMIC BOOK FESTIVAL, located just a block down from the building I podcast my radio show from. And later that week I found myself in Burbank, speaking at a library to a group of kids that form their Manga/Anime club. That was another cool gig. And it was fun mixing it up. I showed them some clips from the MUERTO DVD and talked about the filmmaking experience, but I was also able to get in a quick storytelling lesson and talk comics and art.

Here's the group of kids that attended (and look how nice they were to hold up all those great products!)

The kid to the left of the drawing board, his name is Tristan and I drew him in the comic page I used as an example. He was a good sport and even drew this really well done El Muerto sketch. This kid is about 15 years old and I was very impressed with his skill.

It's always fun talking at libraries because you know you're there because the librarians value what you can share with the attendees. And actually, you could make supplemental money by doing several of these type of appearances!

Coming up for me next week, April 26 & 27 is the STUMPTOWN Comics Festival in Portland, OR. I'll be sharing a table with my friend Jason Martin. I'm very much looking forward to attending the highly concentrated comic book city of Portland, and reaching out to new fans and fellow creators. While up there, I plan to reach out to some new artists to have on my radio show as well.

This is the busiest stretch of gigs I've ever had. Two solid months of film festivals and screenings combined with various comic conventions and store appearances, with the occasional speaking gig thrown in for good measure! And this is all intermixed with my weekly comic book podcast.

And blogging!

But I love what I'm doing, so no complaints from me.

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See you next weekend...DUM, DUM, DUUUUM!!!! :0