Monday, October 13, 2008

EL MUERTO: DEAD & CONFUSED has arrived!!!

THEY'RE HERE!!! My brand-new EL MUERTO comic book, DEAD & CONFUSED, arrived from the printers on Saturday! This is the first time I'm using a POD (Print On
Demand) service, so I was a little weary at first. After asking several friends for recommendations (thanks Jason, Mort and Colin) I chose to go with Ka-Blam. They delivered a couple of days ahead of their promised ship date, and the books look sharp!

This issue finds El Muerto landing in the arms of Modragon's Festival of Freaks, in Baja California. And it's more ominous than it sounds.... Also included in this issue is a mini Galeria del Muerto with pin-ups from Kevin Cross and Jim Lujan. The painted back cover is by Michael Aushenker (his El Muerto painting previously showed up on the
EL MUERTO DVD in the Guest Artist Gallery on the Special Features!).

The comic will debut at the 2008 APE (Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco the weekend of Nov. 1 and 2. November 2, by the way, is Dia de Los Muertos, the Mexican cultural celebration that is the basis of the El Muerto story. And this APE marks my consecutive 10th appearance at the show and in fact is the 10th Anniversary of the debut of the comic book. It was back in Feb., 1998 in San Jose (where APE was originally held) that I debuted EL MUERTO, so the fact that this year's APE has moved to November (it's normally held in the Spring) tells me that the gods are smiling favorably on me and El Muerto!

If you want to order you copy of the book right now, you can get a copy in one of two ways:

-Via the web: Paypal me the amount of $5.95 ($3.95 for the book and $2.00 to cover P&H) and I'll send you a copy.

-Snail Mail me a check or money order the amount of $5.95 ($3.95 for the book and $2.00 to cover P&H) and I'll send you a copy. Javier Hernandez, PO Box 718, Whittier CA, 90608-0718

If you would like the book signed or personalized to you, please let me know. And no extra charge! I'll probably have to wait until after I get back from APE to update my website's store, but in the meantime feel free to order through here!


Nah said...

Hey! So glad they're finally here! Can't wait to hear about how it went for you this Sunday- and you're welcome!

Anonymous said...

It's only appropriate that the book should debut at this convention --- of all conventions!---- and how perfect and cosmic they moved the convention to the Dia de los Muertos weekend in synch with your publishing plans!

(On the other hand, Demolition Dove would've debuted right before Election Tuesday - either way, you've got a comic for every occasion!!!!!)

Back cover or no back cover, I can't wait to read a new installment of the Aztec Zombie. Thanks for including me in this ish!

Readers at last can catch up with the Dead One's latest adventures! Congratulations, Javy!!

Michael Aushenker

Anonymous said...

I want my copy! I want my copy! I WANT MY COPY! :P