Monday, January 26, 2009

COMICS 101- A new workshop I'll be teaching!

I've put together a brand new one-day course in making comics!

I taught a series of workshops a few years ago, at the Pico Rivera Centre for the Arts, a local community center in my area. Those classes were fun to teach, and I always felt that my students got a lot out of it. Well, I want to jump back into teaching these workshops, but this time I wanted to create one that focused on the publishing end. The kids I used to teach were about Middle School age, so for them I wanted to delve into the nuts and bolts of creating a story and drawing a 4 page comic. And most workshops that I know of take that approach. But I want to see what type of interest we can generate with a class that actually motivates and educates young creators to at least explore the idea of printing their own work and finding ways to sell it.

This class is aimed at older teens and young adults, as they would be more likely to at least want to see their stories in print. The 3 hour length was arrived at for various factors, but I know I can give a concise presentation with that schedule. Distilling the amounts of experience I've accumulated over the years in self-publishing should provide the students with a good idea of what's involved with DIY publishing.

Of course, like any class I've started, this is a living experience. I would think that over time I will tinker with the structure and content of the class, finding the right approach that maximizes the student's experience. I really am concerned with providing valuable content, I want to make sure I'm not misusing the student's time, or mine.

The classes will be taught at the Digital Business & Design College, the same place from which I podcast my radio show, PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO. Thanks to founder Enrique Diaz for the opportunity to present this! We're planning other classes as well, so I'm hoping for a good reception from students. For more info, and to sign up, click on this link!

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Jason Martin said...

Good luck man, looks like a good setup!