Saturday, January 24, 2009

EL MUERTO by cartoonist Krishna Sadasivam

A friend of mine just sent me this....

After picking myself off the floor, I knew I had to share this. A really lovely interpretation of my signature character, El Muerto.

Krishna Sadasivam
, the artist responsible for the piece, is a web cartoonist who I 'met' last year via a couple of podcasts I listen to frequently, THE SEQUENTIAL ARTIST'S PUB and ART & STORY ALIVE! Krishna currently works on two weekly strips, PC WEENIES and UNCUBED THE COMIC (a heartfelt autiobiographical comic told through the eyes of 'an Indian guy called Krishna').

In the time I've got to know Krishna, I've been inspired by his high level of craftmanship, his creative output, and the professional and decent way he conducts himself as a creator and a person.

We had a long and thoughtful phone call earlier in the afternoon, trading stories on our plans and thoughts for our respective futures. He made the pin-up as an act of friendship, not to seek anything for it. But I not only wanted to share this pic with readers of this blog, but also wanted to let everyone know to check out his strips.

Thanks Krishha, I really enjoyed your El Muerto!


Jason Martin said...

Great pinup!
Love it.

And, GIANT FONT on the blog post!!! :o

Javier Hernandez said...

I was really happy with Krishna's MUERTO too!

And the GIANT FONT was a problem the first time I posted..Error on my part! But as I look at the post right now, it's back to normal size. Hope it's still not appearing HUMUNGOUS on people's browser!!!