Friday, April 17, 2009

Going to the very EDGE OF LA COMIC CON!!

Saturday, April 17 will find me and fellow artists from the CARTOONISTAS doing our thing at the EDGE OF LA COMIC CON in Claremont, California. This is a relatively new comic show that was brought to my attention from pal/artiste/Cartoonista Grasiela Rodriguez. Gras and I will be there, as will Raul Aguirre and Jim Lujan.

I'll be creating my own special brand of Live Art and selling my EL MUERTO comics and DVD. Pretty cool venue, too. A former packing warehouse converted to stores and galleries. The comics stuff is set up down the center of the warehouse. The Live Art will be held outside in the front patio. I'll post pix and words about the event afterwards (well, I sure can't do it before!!)

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