Monday, April 06, 2009

Interview at MODERN MYTHOLOGY podcast!

I have a new interview from the folks at MODERN MYTHOLOGY PRESS. Eric M. Esquivel and Dave Baker, besides working together as writer & artist on comic books from their own DIY comics imprint, MODERN MYTHOLOGY PRESS, host a podcast. When I first heard them (they came up on a search for Steve Ditko!?), I was...shocked! These two young whippersnappers sounded like two characters from a Kevin Smith film. Potty mouths for sure, with the salty language to match, but these two guys were 100% pure fans of comic books and comic book culture. And not just the new stuff. Eric and Dave will go on equally about the current writings of Grant Morrison and Alan Moore as they gab about the old Superman Silver Age comics and Adam West BATMAN TV show! I actually had them on my interview show, PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO some months ago and really enjoyed talking to them. It's funny, but that show was plagued by it's own audio issues!

Well, when they asked me to go on their show, I could not turn them down. (Remember one of my rules: If you have a worthwhile opportunity to promote and discuss your work...TAKE IT!!). We recorded the interview on Sunday, and I thought the hour went furiously fast! I've done a decent share of radio interviews, and I have to say that Dave & Eric were as prepared with thoughtful questions as any interview I've done. It helps that they themselves are not only practitioners of making comics, but serious students of the ideas behind the mythology and meaning of characters and story.
It must of been my presence on their show, but they kept their trademark 'Rated R' talk to a minimum!

Here's the link to their podcast of my interview. My only regret is that my audio is recorded pretty low. Really low! I hope that, if you're interested, you make do with the situation as Eric and David were really prepared with some insightful questions. After listening to it, I was satisfied with the content I provided, especially when I realize that it's natural for me to get asked similar questions by all the podcast hosts who've interviewed me.

The sketch I posted above was started during the interview of my gracious hosts. Thanks to Dave Baker Comic Book Maker and Eric 'Esky' Esquivel!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah--sorry about that.

Someday we'll get our act together.

There is a weird sort of symmetry in both our podcasts having recording issues, though.

Interference from the Aztec Deities, perhaps?

I think so.

-eric M. esquivel