Friday, July 03, 2009

MY interview on Michael Aushenker's CARTOON FLOPHOUSE Blog

In this age of long-winded, pompous interviews (I should know, I've hosted my own internet radio show!!) it's nice to have a space on the web to find short, informative and entertaining interviews with creative people.

My good friend Michael Aushenker runs such a blog, called CARTOON FLOPHOUSE. On his blog he talks about his latest works (which covers everything from his latest comics to his writings for the PALISADIAN POST). He also hosts weekly interviews with a wide variety of creative folks. His latest interview is with..well,...Me! In just 4 short, straightforward questions, Mikey gets a lot of mileage outta me (helps that I ain't shy talkin' bout me and my work!!). Check out the interview here (um, after you finish up reading this post!)

Michael posts a new interview every Wednesday, so instead of running out and buying the latest headline-grabbing-he's-dead-he's-back comic book, or the current company wide cosmic calamity crossover that promises to CHANGE EVERYTHING YOU EVER BELIEVED ABOUT OUR COMIC BOOK UNIVERSE, read some great little interviews on independent-minded creators!

Michael and I have known one another for about 11 years or so. I met him just as I was prepping my first comic book, EL MUERTO:DAZE OF THE DEAD-THE NUMERO UNO EDITION. Michael's own comics work encompasses everthing from working for publishers to creating his own books like EL GATO:CRIME MANGLER, THOSE UNSTOPABLE ROUGES and his current series, CARTOON FLOPHOUSE. Check his latest update for his projects here.

Michael and I enjoying a pre-convention meal last year at one of the many secret mom & pop diners we stash away for quick, cheap, filling meals!

Michael and I have shared enough trips, conventions, meals, social outings, birthdays, etc. to fill 25 graphic novels! In full color, even!! The good thing is I can look forward to lots more 'volumes' in our ongoing escapades!

Okay, now check out that interview!

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