Sunday, August 16, 2009

My artwork for DITKOMANIA zine

The new issue of the DITKOMANIA zine is now available, and I've contributed some artwork.

DITKOMANIA is long-running fanzine devoted to the work of comic creator Steve Ditko. Issue #74 covers Ditko's 1970s work at DC Comics, such as his art duties on MAN-BAT #1 (which features the only instance ever of Ditko drawing Batman!), among several other features. My friend Michael Aushenker, himself a cartoonist of great skill, writes a regular column for the zine called DITKOTOMY. His entry for this issue comments on Ditko bringing his unique and peculiar take on characters and how they differed from the established DC characters. Michael asked me to contribute some artwork to accompany his column and suggested a juxtaposition of some sort between Ditko's heroes and the 'old guard'. This is what I came up with:

Batman and Shade the Changing Man © 2009 DC Comics

Shade the Changing Man (created by Ditko) vs. Batman! My take on Batman actually came out Ditkoesque, I'm pleased to say. A little dazzle with a Photoshop effect I think gives this piece just the right look of Ditko surrealism.

I also contributed two other pieces, one being the Creeper. The other piece, Hawk & Dove, couldn't be fit in for space, but will appear in a future issue. Thanks to editor/publisher Rob Imes for having me in the issue, and thanks to my pal Michael for asking me in the first place. I plan to contribute some art in the future, and have even pitched a story idea as well.

Ordering info for the DITKOMANIA zine is right here. It's a great publication dedicated to a particularly unique comic creator. Rob has a done a tremendous job of putting out a quality publication, even though DITKOMANIA is a true fanzine in every sense of the word. It just happens to have great production value for it's reasonable price, and there is always interesting content provided by various writers and artists. I'm glad that Rob includes a letters page, because there are always very strong opinions from the readers regarding the content. That's what fandom should be. Not just a place where fans come together in appreciation for a particular subject or creator, but dissenting voices of opinion.

Here's a color version of my Creeper artwork, reprinted in b&w for the zine.

The Creeper © 2009 DC Comics

If you're interested in the work of Steve Ditko, check out an issue of this well-crafted zine. You can't beat the price, that's for sure! Tell Rob that Javier sent ya'!


Jim Lujan said...

I didnt even know there was such a magazine. That is really cool. Wow...Jav doing Batman....nice!

Rob Imes said...

Hi Javier,

Many thanks for the plug of the new issue of DM! That color version of your Creeper illo is awesome!