Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rafael Navarro art exhibit: NAVARRO NOIR at GEEKS 9.5.09

So my new comic book, MAN-SWAMP, has found it's first endorsement! Local comic book artist, Xerix Award-winning creator of SONAMBULO, Emmy Award-winning storyboard artist, (and, full disclosure, super awesome friend:) RAFAEL NAVARRO:

He's actually holding the comic in his hand, but it's hard to tell with his in-progress painting and his huge collection of books and toys vying for attention in the background!! But he's happy as a clam for his with fresh out-of-the-box copy of MAN-SWAMP, The Living Quagmire! Thanks for the celebrity endorsement, Raf!

But believe it or not folks, the real reason I wanted to share this pic was to mention Rafael and his upcoming art show, NAVARRO NOIR, at GEEKS Comic shop in Whittier. Saturday, September 5 is the opening of the show, with the Artist Reception beginning at 7 pm. Raf will have original Sonambulo pages as well as lots of artwork featuring new pieces created specifically for this show.

Sonambulo© 2009 Rafael Navarro

Rafael will also have his brand new Sonambulo comic book, SONAMBULO LIVES!, at Geeks for sale and signing. Here's his spectacular painted cover to the book:

I first met Raf back in about 1990 during college. We hit it off immediately, talking about Frank Miller's DARK KNIGHT & DAREDEVIL and James Bond films! We both took a trip to San Jose back in 1996 to the Alternative Press Expo to specifically talk to independent creator Carlos Saldaña about self-publishing our own books. A year later, Raf was set up with his first Sonambulo comic while I hung out with him that weekend to learn 'on the job'. The following year, in 1998, I was up at APE with debuting my own comic book, EL MUERTO.

Raf and I have been friends ever since, doing many shows and appearances together, working on comic projects, and I even got Rafael a cameo in the EL MUERTO movie! Also that same day, I'll be hosting my free, 1 hour self-publishing seminar at GEEKS, earlier at 2pm. So there will be a double dose of the ol' Hernandez-Navarro magic that day.

Raf also contributed a piece to the EL MUERTO DVD Special Features, for the Galeria del Muerto. I'll leave you with that little gem, and hope to see you Saturday, September 5 in Whittier! Go to the DIY Comics Seminar, have dinner and see a movie afterward down the street, then come back to GEEKS for the NAVARRO NOIR art show!

Art by Rafael Navarro, coloring by Mort Todd El Muerto© 2009 Javier Hernandez

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