Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Portland Comic Book Show this Sunday, Nov 15

I'll be heading back to Portland, Oregon this weekend for the PORTLAND COMIC BOOK SHOW on Nov. 15. Last time I was in Portland was for the 2008 STUMPTOWN show, and I've been looking forward to returning to the city for awhile.

Many thanks for Richard Finn of the convention for having me as a guest, and for my good friend Jason Martin, creator/publisher of SUPER REAL, for co-sponsoring my appearance.

I'll be exhibiting at table # 166, bringing with me my two newest books, MANGA MUERTO Vol. 1 & MAN-SWAMP, along with my other Los Comex goodness. Also, I'll be conducting my "D.I.Y. Comics: The Secrets of Self-Publishing" seminar at 1:30 PM. The Portland Comic Book Show will be held at the Memorial Coliseum from 10 AM - 5 PM.

This convention is more of a 'mainstream/general audience' show (as opposed to the very alternative/indie vibe of STUMPTOWN), which I'm looking forward to as it gets me connected to another type of audience in the area. Situations like this open up possibilities for new readers, so for me that's always an exciting prospect.

Really though, it gives me a chance to get back to Portland. I enjoyed my last trip out there, and hanging out with my friend Jason for several days will allow me to explore more of the city. Since last year I've actually given some thought to the possibility of moving up there, but certain things would have to fall into place. We'll see.

At any rate, it's a new, out-of-state convention for me, so that's the main reason for going. But a little vacation time sure can't be a bad thing. And one of my many To-Do's is a visit to the VOODOO DOUGHNUT shop, where they make all kinds of unique doughnuts like this little Bacon and Maple gem!!


Greenblatt the Great! said...

Let me know how the Voodoo Lounge rates, I didn't get to try the donuts when I was up in Portland.

Also check out Escape From New York pizza if you can, and that entire 23rd St. area just a short hop away. Lots of fun stuff over there.

Have a fun show! Sell lotsa Xomix Comix!

Javier Hernandez said...

Thanks Mike. I'll put the 23rd Street area on the To-Do list as well. And pizza...well, that ain't a hard sell!

I'll have a doughnut in your absence, too!