Tuesday, March 09, 2010

COMIC POP solo art show opens APRIL 3 in San Francisco

This April in San Francisco I'll be having a solo art show at the Encantada Gallery of Fine Arts.

The above image is being used on our postcards and posters to promote the show. Here's the back of the postcard:

I'll be up in San Francisco for the Opening Reception on April 3, and on Sunday the 4th I'll be conducting a Cartoonist Workshop for  kids. Here's the flyer they're circulating around town for that:

I'll be displaying new paintings along with some recent work. And some of my original comic pages will be there, as well as sketches and of course my comics and buttons. It's exciting for me to be doing an out of town show, and I thank the Encantada Gallery for hosting. I also want to thank Ricardo Padilla, the curator for COMIC POP, for the great job he's done. He's even gotten his children to help out, so thumbs up to the whole Padilla clan!

WONDER CON is taking place during the same weekend, so if you're attending the convention, stop on over at the Encantada Gallery and check out the show. I'll be posting a couple of preview images here as we get closer to the show opening.

Encantada Gallery of Fine Arts
904 Valencia Street
(between 20th St & Liberty St)
San Francisco, CA 94110


Blair Kitchen said...

Cool! We have to make sure that we hook up for supper or something either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Mike and I will be at Wondercon that weekend (we've got our flights booked and everything)!!

Jose Cabrera said...

Man I wish were going to be there. I could use a few lessons from the Maestro! Best of luck buddy!