Friday, July 23, 2010

JAVCON Day 3: 'Convention' podcast!

Day 3 here at the JAVCON! Last night I recorded a new episode of my podcast "JAVILAND The Podcast for DIY Comics". Our topic was 'Maximizing a comic book convention appearance'.
I was joined by three other cartoonists, Ted Seko, Tyler James and Ryan Dow who shared their perspective and experiences in exhibiting at conventions. Some good lively talk, with informative opinions. To listen to the podcast, visit the JAVILAND page.

Did you catch last night's programming here at the JAVCON? Scroll down or click here and you can see some recent artwork I created for two different projects. And if you want to start from the beginning of the JAVCON, you can go here.

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Jim Lujan said...

Wow....its like a panel! That came outta nowhere. What a nice surprise! Hey- anyone know which room the "Floppy the Comic vs Dora: First Blood Drawn" movie panel is in?