Saturday, July 24, 2010

JAVCON Saturday Night: El Muerto sketch dolls preview

Over the last couple of months I've shown some pics of my brand-new EL MUERTO SKETCH DOLLS. These are blank dolls that I actually draw onto, creating original sketch dolls each and every time. I started with two sizes, 5" & 8", but now I'v finalized the initial 4 dolls in the collection. I'll be using primarily the 8" dolls, at least for any dolls in color.

The original El MUERTO dolls were made with a 'natural' colored doll, but I looked around and found out I could get white dolls. I want white because then the markers I use aren't affected by color changes. Like drawing on a white sheet of paper versus a tanned one.

I may use the tanned dolls for other series, but for now, here's my first 4 sketch dolls, 8" and in color:

I figure it would be cool to have El Muerto in his 'secret identity' as well. And I like the idea of having a doll wearing a Guayabera!

Like most action figure characters, I wanted to have variant versions of El Muerto. So the first one I thought of was when he engages his power of resurrecting the dead ...

This lighting in this pic washed out the color on the doll, but you can see still see what I'm going for with the variant.

Then I also thought it would be real neat to introduce some new characters no one has ever seen. Perhaps they'll show up in the comic....

I've always loved the idea of the evil/mirror version of the hero. Superman has Bizarro and Flash has Reverse-Flash, to name two. Visually though, El VIVO (Spanish for 'the living') makes a pretty striking sketch doll, with the Muerto colors inverted in a 'positively' wicked version of our hero.

Besides variant version of the main characters, often you see even more limited versions, sometimes tied in to an event. Well, with Halloween coming up, I thought I would make a seasonal special exclusive....

Werewolf Muerto, how ya like that?!

I was thinking of a vampire, Frankenstein and then when I thought of the wolfman, that somehow hit the spot. Originally I was thinking of coloring him brown, but then I realized that a white wolf design would be a natural extrapolation from the white of Muerto's skull face, giving more weight to the 'Dead Wolf' angle. Plus it's a lot more rare to see a silver white werewolf (my first exposure to one was this stunning masterpiece, one of the first comic books I ever bought).

I'll be posting prices and ordering info for the sketch dolls shortly. Ideally I'd like to get people to 'pre-order' them online, this way I can create them 'to order'. But I'll have a few of each at the next conventions and appearances I attend. And I'll also post info about when the 2010 HALLOWEEN MUERTO MONSTER will be available to order. 

Thanks, and if you haven't, check out the previous days of the JAVCON, with lots of sneak peeks and images of current and future projects!


Jim Lujan said...

Truly inspiring. EL VIVO? That is awesome. So much potential there. I love the wolfman Muerto too. Great stuff!

Kuzeh said...

Those are just too awesome!!
i want them all!!! lol

Javier Hernandez said...

Kuzeh, thanks! I'm trying to stop with just these 5 designs for now. Otherwise, I have plans for Ninja, Cyborg, Lucha and Mexica Muertos!!

Jimmy: These are collectible little art pieces, so please keep in mind that if you buy one you can't sleep with it like you do your Talking Elmo... :(

Greenblatt the Great! said...


I probably can't afford em but I'm all over the astonishing Were-Muerto and El Vivo! Wow, bombshell, Javy!