Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Talking about gallery shows on my latest episode of JAVILAND podcast

Did you know I do a podcast? If not, then two things: A) I gotta do a better job about reminding my blog readers! And B) Now you do!

On the latest episode, #38, we discuss art shows at galleries and other venues. You long-time readers know that I've done a fair amount of art shows (and in fact have an upcoming solo show at GEEKS in Whittier. A Halloween themed show! More info in the next week or so...). Well, I figured it was high time to discuss doing gallery shows on the podcast. Check out my JAVILAND D.I.Y. COMICS Podcast blog here.

Back in 2004, before I had a blog, I had my first solo art show. This was at the Froden Gallery (sadly, no longer in business) and was during the time when we were in pre-production of the El Muerto film. The Opening Reception for the art show was in October, and we invited the star of the film, Wilmer Valderrama, to appear:

I talk about that evening on the podcast, so please give it a listen to if you're interested. There's some good content on that episode if you're curious about what it takes to join, or put on a gallery show.

Also, you can subscribe to the JAVILAND podcast for free via iTunes, just visit my page on the Talkshoe website here.

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