Sunday, September 12, 2010

My new column in DITKMANIA #81

The new issue of DITKOMANIA, #81, was released recently, featuring a grab-bag assortment of topics about comic book artist Steve Ditko (co-creator of SPIDER-MAN, DR. STRANGE). 
I've been contributing artwork since issue #74, and now starting with this issue I'm contributing a new column called DITKO BY DESIGN.
Basically what I want to do in each column is take several characters that Steve Ditko has designed and/or co-created and look at how they work both visually and in terms of how well they define their characters. This inaugural entry is called HEAD GAMES, and is divided into two categories dealing with characters in which Ditko either does some interesting artistic choices regarding the character's heads or faces. In Part 1, "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS", I write about three characters that don't have heads but instead some type of prop atop their shoulders: glass helmet, flames or a self-contained universe!
L to R: Mysterio, The Dread Dormammu and Dr. Universe.

In the second part, called "FACE OFF!", I write about The Chameleon, The Question, Mr. A and others, and the various ways in which facial designs, or lack thereof, help define their character's identity.

All of my commentary comes from my own observations, taking as an appreciative look at these characters through my own artistic eyes. The initial reaction I've received to DITKO BY DESIGN has been complimentary, so that's a great feeling. But I'm really glad that I'm taking the time to contribute to the zine, as I get plenty of joy out of reading it as a Ditko fan myself. Under the steady hand of editor and publisher Rob Imes, with the participation of a really strong roster of writers and artists, DITKOMANIA has continued to grow with a steady and rich variety of material over the years.

You can order issue #81 or the previous issues by checking out this link: DITKOMANIA.

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