Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weapon Tex Mex Independence Day!

In honor of Mexican Independence Day, when Father Hidalgo led the battle cry for Mexican Independence from Spain, I'm bringing you a free comic here on JAVZILLA!
Click here to read "Destroy all Mexicans!!"
 WEAPON TEX-MEX was the first comic I ever had published, appearing in the anthology HOT MEXICAN LOVE COMICS in 1997. Originally published in b&w, I've since added some gray tones to spruce it up a bit.

Independent comics/DIY publishing offers me the exact type of storytelling I want to create: Complete, unfiltered presentation of my ideas, executed with my own editorial vision, in the style I see fit. Good or bad, the decisions are mine. I learn from the results either way, and continue to craft each new story with what I've learned.

So, I'm liberatating this comic, making it available for you here, free, with the intent to get more of my stories out there, in front of readers looking for fresh, independent visions.

Viva los Comics!

P.S.: You can read two more of my comics online at WebComics Nation: Demolition Dove & Manga Muerto. And you can buy my comics and DVD at the JAVZILLA Web Shop!

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