Sunday, November 07, 2010

Agimat Sweet + Evil art show

GEEKS Comics in Whittier last night was the host to the 'Sweet + Evil' art show from Agimat Entertainment. Agimat is the endeavor of Adonna and Arvie Villanueva,  a couple whose products range from web comics to video games.

The art show was also a launch party for their newest video game release, E-VILLE, which is available via iTunes for play on the iPad and iPhone. E-VILLE is the follow-up to their first video game, SHADOWCANDY.

I realized once I got home I didn't take any photos of Arvie's paintings! But, Adonna and Arvie have done such a brilliant job in branding, their character were seen everywhere during the show. Paper dolls or custom cupcakes, they had their creations everywhere!

They also DJ Todd Tochiokaz (who doubles as a comic creator himself!) spinning tunes all night, as well as J-pop singer Stephanie Yanez:

CRYING MACHO MAN web comic creator Jose Cabrera actually voiced the main character in E-VILLE, Jim Bob! Here's Jose getting himself killed over and over again....

In addition to all this fun stuff, Agimat also had an open call to artists to customize DEEGO figures, a new line of blank vinyl dolls from Spanish toy maker DEEGO TOYS. The dolls had to be designed as one of Agimat's many characters, but the materials were open to whatever the artist wanted to use.

 My own contribution was to take their MUMMY character from the new E-VILLE game and dress him up in with the accessories from their ninja character HIRO from their first video game, SHADOWCANDY.

The show was a real event, and believe, I've been involved in plenty myself at GEEKS over the last 2 years or so, and I have to say that this one is one for the record books! Tons of great art, music, food, video games.... And lots of very friendly people to talk to. 


Anonymous said...

"Paper Craft" bro, not Paper dolls.

Greenblatt the Great! said...

I don't know what was sweeter: the cupcakes and candy, or Arvie and Adonna, our hosts! That J-Pop singer got down! And I'm STILL addicted to E-VILLE! Funnest party in ages!