Sunday, December 05, 2010

Holiday sale in the JAVZILLA Web Shop!

Hello friends and fans!

Been awhile since I last blogged here. Had a variety of things going on lately, in addition to giving myself a bit of a break after the many events I had going on during the month of October. I've used some of my 'down time' to catch up on watching movies and reading comics, and it's helped inspire me to evaluate certain things in my own storytelling that will help me move my art forward to where I want it to go.

More about that later, but for now I'd like to call your attention to some special pricing I'm offering in my Web Shop here on the blog. For the next week, from Sunday, December 5 through Saturday, December 11, I've cut prices on several of my products, so you can get some good discounts on comics, my sketchbook and the EL MUERTO DVD. The sale has been extended until Sunday, December 19th! I've also reduced my shipping fees to help convince you to spend some of that cash you keep holding onto!

If you want to get yourself a well-deserved holiday gift, or want to get one of your friends hip to my comics, this week is the place to shop! And unlike Black Friday, you don't have to sleep in a cold, dark parking lot overnight for the good prices! Start your holiday comic shopping here!

Thanks very much for your continued reading of my blog, and keep coming back for more JAVZILLA. A very Merry Christmas to all!

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