Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last chance to buy!!! WANTED:WEAPON TEX-MEX!

I was always skeptical to hear a retailer claim "Warehouse find! Last chance to buy!!" As if they really found a pallet of whatchamacallits hidden off in some corner of the warehouse. Yeah, right!!

Well, tell you what folks, there's an old saying: "Don't knock it 'til you try it"!! 

Back in May of this year I blogged that I had a brand-new mini-comic I was debuting at the Phoenix Comic Con, "WANTED: WEAPON TEX-MEX".  This featured a reprint of the first Tex-Mex story (from 1997), which was actually my first published work (in Hot Mexican Love Comics). You can actually read that first story here online at the blog, just click up on the tab above. The mini also featured a brand-new Tex-Mex tale, plus a back cover special "Weapon Tex-Mex Foes File". Well, the print run on this mini-comic was only about 40 copies, and I thought I had sold out of them over the last several months.

Cover and back cover from "WEAPON: WEAPON TEX-MEX"

But guess what? I actually did find a small stash of the mini-comic in the 'warehouse'! Actually they were sandwiched in between a pile of books and comics, but....

 Interior center pages from "WANTED:WEAPON TEX-MEX"

So I'm adding them to the Web Shop here on my blog. They were previously listed as 'Sold Out', but they'll be there until they finally sell out for good. While I'm not discounting the price on this book (consider it a special limited edition collectible), you can combine it with other books on sale there until Sunday the 19th. 

Tex-Mex actually beat El Muerto to print by one year, making him my first officially released comic creation. A much more looser and comedic character than the Aztec Zombie, Tex-Mex really was created as a way of doing bizarro stories with wacky humor and bits of social/cultural/political commentary. A great big lug of a brawler, but with a heart of gold. Kind of like The Thing from Fantastic Four.

And that ain't no bull!

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