Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My first comic of the year: "TO BE CONTINUED"

Happy New Year to all my readers!

Here it is, I just finished my first comic of 2012, a brand-new Poster Comic, "TO BE CONTINUED":
If you're having problems reading the comic at this size, follow this link to my DeviantArt page where I was able to upload a much larger version (just click the image to enlarge it, once you open the page).

Part year-in-review wrap up, part autobio, but all full-color comic, baby! This was fun because it's the first time I've ever done a story with so many of my key comic book characters in it. Plus over the years I've enjoyed doing autobiographic stories, so this was a nice way to come up with a combo platter of a comic.

My first Poster Comic was done just this past December, "HAUNTED HOLIDAYS", starring two new characters of mine, Jacob & Joaquin: The Wandering Jew and Catholic Boy. Check it out here.

I realized as I was working on "TO BE CONTINUED" that this is the second comic in a row I've done that starts out at a cemetery! I say it's a complete coincidence! But, if you're from my area, you know Rose Hills is a beautiful memorial park, and it's presence is seen for miles throughout the neighboring cities of Whittier, Pico Rivera, etc. So, if I had to have a secret studio hideout (with easy freeway access!) it would probably be right there atop that hill...

In between a couple of comic book projects I'm working on for this year, I'd like to attempt to produce one new poster comic every month. I want to work in different art styles and vary my subjects, as a way to keep myself stretching and experimenting as a creator. Stay tuned...


Jason Martin said...

Javi, this is great!
Lovin the poster comics!!
Since I'd been previously pondering something similar (as I can print posters for cheap, and sell them for more than comics), I may have to steal this idea!!! ;)
I'd thought before about making a comic out of an 11x17 print... ya know folding etc... but this? Wham! a comic all on one side! Nice!
Of course, I'd like to do that, and then print a traditional poster image on the other side... hunh? huh?? I like that.
May try it :D

Any way.
This latest strip was really fun, to see all the Los Comex crew, with you as the head of the group... very Super Friends.
And then to go with the classic comic book hideout, love that stuff! (and you even took me past your secret base... and didn't tell me!)

Looking forward to more poster comics sir! (and everything else... ahem, Demolition Dove, cough!)

Happy New Years!

Javier Hernandez said...

A very Happy New Years to you, too, J-Man!

This may be the first comic in history to use Rose Hills as a location. They did film TERMINATOR 3 at Rose Hills, just so ya know....

Glad you enjoyed it.Thanks for your response. It was actually really fun writing the dialogue. And yeah, I had to use the word 'hideout'. Makes Los Comex sound more shady!

By all means, bust out some JMart poster comics. What I like about them is that they indeed function as a webcomic, but also have a second life as a salable poster print. And I like your idea of a large image on the other side. People can frame it either side...or better yet, buy two copies!

Demolition Dove... Hmm. We'll see...

Have a great 2012!