Thursday, November 22, 2012


I'm running a THANKSGIVING WEEKEND SALE in my LOS COMEX WEBSHOP! All books are at least $1 off, with a couple discounted even more (25%-50% off the cover prices). 

Thinking of getting someone you know a few of my comics that you've enjoyed? Want to give unique gifts this Holiday Season? Maybe you've been meaning to pick up some of my books? Well, take advantage of this great sale!

Besides lowering prices on all my books, I've also discounted my postage rates a bit, especially if you buy multiple items.


I'm including a sketch card with every order shipped during the sale. A hand-drawn, color sketch featuring one of my many characters. My thanks to you for your support!

Besides being a sales event, this will also work as an inventory reduction sale. With the recent amount of events I've had this last couple of months, most of my books have almost sold out. Some of the titles in the sale are down to low single digit numbers, so please get your orders in quick to make sure you get the books you want! By the end of the year, I anticipate being out-of-stock of about half my titles, and with 2013 coming around the corner, I'll be deciding which titles to re-order and which to keep out of print (at least one, maybe a few more).

I'll be adding some of the DEAD DINOSAURIO Sketch Cover Editions to the sale in the next day or so. But in the meantime, there's plenty of cool comics to gobble up!

Thanks in advance for picking up some of my comics, and thanks if you've ordered in the past. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. Now make your pilgrimage over to the LOS COMEX WEBSHOP!   

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