Friday, November 16, 2012

WHAM! BANG! POW! show this Saturday

I've been invited to exhibit at the WHAM! BANG! POW! show this weekend. This is a new event featuring art, music and vendors, with the theme of Comic Books and Sci-Fi.

The event happens on Saturday from 7pm thru 1am. I'll have my new book, DEAD DINOSAURIO, as well as an assortment of my other comics, prints and DVD. I'll also have 5 pieces of art in their Art Exhibit, including this pair of drawings I can only call "THEY LIVE in Gotham and Metropolis":

Inspired by one of my favorite movies, and playing with the idea of our superheroes being crazed vigilantes obsessed with control...

The event will be held at ECHOES UNDER SUNSET, a gallery and music venue in Echo Park.

Echoes Under Sunset
1310 Glendale, Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca. 90026

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