Friday, June 02, 2006

Artist Residency: Day 3

Okay, I know this should have been posted last night, but I got home too late! So, here's the report for Day 3.....

This is the outside of the building, just so ya know. The gallery is located on the very far left of the building. The print shop is inside the open door on the far right. the top floor is wehre the offices are held and the rooms used for classes and performances. It's in this parking lot that they hold their various print sales and events such as Dia de Los Muertos.

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Thursday was a day where we had little bumps in the road. The fourth color, the tan flesh tone, first came out a little darker than I wanted. So, we had to stop the press and Jose added some white to the paint and also an agent that made the color a little more transparent, allowing a little more red tone to show through. I forgot to take a pic of the first attempt, but the one shown here is the final print of the flesh tone. I really liked how that came out.

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Here's a lightening quick flash of Jose printing a pass of color. Too quick for me!

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Now it was time for the black ink, the final stage in the process. And the one that proved to be a setback! Now, I have to apoligize again for not taking any pics, but I'll post some in the next blog to show what I'm talking about. It's just that sometimes in the middle of things the last thing I think about is taking a pic! The black would essentially be the outline to all the other colors. So, if the black doesn't hit just right, you'll get a lot of areas where the white paper will show through, or one of the other colors will be misaligned. That's the problem we had, so Jose stopped the printing for the day. It was decided that I would get the black film and increase the thickness on some of the lines to compensate. Then they would have to create a new screen for the black. This took several hours to accomplish, so today, friday, will be our last day to print. We're actually on schedule, as friday was orginally going to be the last day to print anyways. Saturday I'll come in and go through the prints and do any touch ups by hand if needed, as well as sign and number all the prints.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a really cool experiece, Javier! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the final result...

-El Cucuy