Friday, August 22, 2008

Another podcast?!

Yes, the rumors are true (Well, I'm spreading it here!)...I've got a new blogcast called JAVILAND. I'm still doing my weekly show PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO, but this podcast will actually be interactive where you could either call in or join the chat real time!

Why start another podcast? Well, I've found lately that several people have been asking me for some pointers about self-publishing (actually over the years Iget questions about this). And I don't mind helping people, but there's not enough time in the day to be emailing different folks at different times to be schoolin' them in the ways of self-publishing. I figure with this new podcast, I can talk about my own experiences and let others join in with questions or comments via the live chat. Plus the shows will be archived and anyone can listen to them at their leisure and hopefully get some good info about DIY publishing.

Also, I've been listening to, and participating in, a couple of new podcasts recently on the TALK SHOE.COM site and I like the format of the shows. Having a real-time venue to discuss storytelling and publishing with other comic creators over internet radio is a win-win situation, as far as I'm concerned.

So with these reasons in mind (and the obvious opportunity to talk of one's own work doesn't escape me) I thought I'd start JAVILAND. While my other show, PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO will still continue to feature interviews with independent comic creators and other proponents of the comic book culture, JAVILAND will allow me to focus on specific issues or topics that relate to either my own comic creation or those of other artists, and allow listeners to interject with their own questions and experiences.

The first episode is scheduled for Sunday, August 31 at 6pm (PT). The show will podcast live, so if you'd like to listen in, or even join the chat, go to my TALK SHOE page and register an account (it's real simple and quick). Episodes will be archived on the site, and I believe I should be able to get the episodes listed on iTunes.

I'll be using the JAVILAND blog to post news on the show, the links to each podcast, and show notes for each episode. JAVZILLA will remain my blog for news, reviews, pics, etc on everything I do!

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