Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'll be interviewed live on Thursday at 4pm

I will be interviewed live on Kevin Cross's Blogcast on Thursday, August 7 at 4pm (Pacific Time). An added bonus will be that you can either call in or participate in the chatroom while the interview is going on!

Kevin Cross is the cartoonist who I just interviewed on my radio show this past Tuesday! (As of this post, the interview hasn't been added to our website yet).
Kevin's Blogcast is new, he's got four episodes under his belt. He puts on a pretty good little show, though. He'll talk about his current comics projects, but also has a feature spotlighting urban monsters and another segment where he talks about classic animated shows like THUNDARR and MIGHTY MIGHTOR! And being a musician, Kevin has all kinds of music throughout his episodes.

I'll be his first interviewed guest, so that's pretty cool. And it's funny to me that two days after I had him on my show, I'll be the subject on his show!

His show is hosted on TALK SHOE.COM, the same outfit that hosts the TALK OBJECTIVISM show I was a guest on this past Sunday (Episode 071). It's a simple matter to register for the show, which allows you to listen and interact with the live podcasts. If you want to hear my interview live, and ask me any questions, log on about 10 minutes before show time and register. It's a quick, simple process.

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