Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm a guest 'panelist' on TALK OBJECTIVISM radio

I'll be returning as a guest to TALK OBJECTIVISM today at 5 pm (PST). Today I will be joined by author Blake Bell (Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko) and my friend Mort Todd, who hired Ditko when he was the Editor-in-Chief of CRACKED magazine, as well as an editor at Marvel!

I was actually on the show last week as well. I was only going to preview today's episode but I ended up talking about Ditko for over an hour!

TALK OBJECTIVISM is a show dedicated to the philosophy founded by Ayn Rand, of which Ditko has been a follower of for decades. I had emailed the host of the show, Jason Mosley, and told him about Steve Ditko. He invited me to come on his show and talk about Dikto's work (Ditko co-created Spider-Man with writer Stan Lee) and how he's incorporated Objectivism in his comics.

Here's the link to last week's episode:
It's episode 071.

If you want to listen to today's episode, just click on the above link. You can even join the Chat Room with a quick registration and participate in the show.

And here's acclaimed comic book writer Alan Moore talking about a song he once performed based on Steve Ditko and his legendary creation, MR. A!

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