Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome to Day One of the JAVCON!

Welcome to the first ever JAVCON!
San Diego Comic Con runs this week, and if you've never been there before, lemme tell you it's one huge show! With attendance now upwards of 125,000, that is one humungous sized comic book convention. I won't be exhibiting there this year, but I thought it would be a neat idea to run my own convention of sorts here on my blog. For those of you not attending San Diego either, perhaps you can find some interesting things here for the next 6 days. Yep, this is gonna be 6 whole days of special, exclusive content right here at JAVCON. (And if you forget to shower one of the days, no problem!)

So, what do I consider 'special'? Howzabout some previews and sneak peeks of upcoming projects I have in the works? Also, I'd like to open up my archives and share with you readers of the Javzilla blog some past events, artwork, projects and happenings you may not have been aware of. I started this blog back in 2006, but started publishing my comics since 1998, so there'll be things to post here that will be new to many of you.

My website is currently offline, so in the meantime I have the address pointing to this blog. I've switched servers and will be in the process of rebuilding El from scratch, but in the meantime, since my online store from the site isn't available I've built a brand-new shop here on this blog. (Thanks to my friend Jim Lujan, cartoon movie maker extraordinaire, for giving me some info about doing this on Blogger.

So to kick off Day One of JAVCON, I'd like to introduce you to the JAVZILLA WEB SHOP. As with any convention I've exhibited at, the top priority is to sell my work (followed very, very closely by meeting new fans, making new friends, networking, branding, eating, etc....), so... here are some of my comics and DVD for sale!

 To visit the shop, just click this link, or click on the link JAVZILLA WEB SHOP  located just under the JAVZILLA banner at the top of the page. The shop contains all my current comics in print. I've done numerous mini-comics or limited edition books over the years, but I don't usually keep those in print indefinitely. Usually they're made for specific conventions, such as the Alternative Press Expo. But there's a good variety of books available in the shop!

Here are some sample pages from 2 of the books, EL MUERTO MISHMASH and MANGA MUERTO Vol 1. Coincidentally, both of these books are anthologies, which between the two of them contain 7 stories and 10 pin-ups from guest artists:
 From EL MUERTO MISHMASH: On the left is a page from the El Muerto short story "Dead Forever" and on the right is a page from my autobiographic "Dos Mil" (Spanish for '2000'). Both written and drawn by me.

From MANGA MUERTO Vol 1: On the left is a page from the story 'Manga Muerto and Skyman vs the Monster Meks!", script and layouts by me and finished art/inks by Ted Seko. On the right is a page from "A Day at The Beach", story and art by me.

During the course of JAVCON, I'll be posting more pages from all the books, plus lots more content. So take a look around, buy some stuff, and cook yourself a hot dog (way cheaper than the $7.00 Convention dogs, for sure!). And check back daily for new stuff, maybe even twice daily.


Jim Lujan said...

JAVCON....great idea, Jav. For those of us stranded (some willingly)away from SDCC this is a nice slice of the con-feel without getting felt up at the Con. You do such a great job in presenting your work. You make it so much fun to read. Stan Lee, man, Stan Lee from Whittier!

Just dont do any cos-play, Jav. the internet cannot handle that.

Big kudos to you, my friend!

Javier Hernandez said...

Dang you, Jimmy! I was gonna bust out my Sailor Moon outfit, but I guess I'll have to put the kibosh on that.

And yeah, it'll be nice to not get felt up at Con this year...(WTF???)

I like to think of myself more as the Roddy Piper of comics..."I came here to make comics and kick some ass. And I'm all out of paper and ink...."

Raul Aguirre said...

Holy Macaroni!
This is great Jav! I feel like I'm surrounded by sweaty nerds all aching to buy your stuff! I'm hot and tired from walking and I feel like I've been gouged! Thanks Jav for making the con experience feel so real! Your stuff looks awesome.
Will there be a Leifeld panel? I hope so I brought my virtual tomatoes!


Rico el Diablito said...

Wow! Sounds like your having oodles of fun and "maximizing" your Comic-con experience." But, Hey, I got 2 questions, should I just order my Weapon-Tex Mex issues immediately? (I was giving the Comic-Con throng a chance to buy, first) and did you get to the "Machete" sneak preview? I heard free tequila & tacos were served. Javi is the Man! Comic-Pop Sketchbook a Masterpiece!