Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cartoonista Corner presents KLONCO THE CLOWN!

Last fall, at our debut Cartoonista Live Art appearance, we met the publisher of a magazine called BNA Magazine (Buenas Noticicas America, which is Spanish for 'Good News America'),which focuses on local community issues such as family, education and business.

The publisher was interested in having us contribute to the magazine, so the idea for CARTOONISTA CORNER was born. We get a half page every month, in full color. Basically we decided that we would have puzzles and art projects for kids to enjoy. Our first appearance was in November of last year, and each month we've had a different Cartoonista contributing everything from coloring book projects to mazes to connect-the-dots and word searches. I'll let you know here once we get the previous entries posted to the Cartoonista webpage, but since I've just contributed my first CARTOONISTA CORNER piece, I wanted to share it here:

Klonco the Clown ™ and © Javier Hernandez 2009

I came up with Klonco the Clown a few years back. Just one of the many ideas that pops into my head on a regular basis (a chronic symptom of so many artists!). Here's my first digital art of Klonco (formely known as Clonko!):

There's a whole back story to Klonco, and I've always wanted to do it in comic book form. But my age-old nemesis, Time, has had the upper hand on me. However, these CARTOONISTA CORNER spots are great places to roll out Klonco. Maybe he'll show up in other places, but for now, look for Klonco the Clown to appear periodically in BNA Magazine.

When I was a kid, I used to really love puzzles like mazes and crosswords, especially when they were combined with comic characters. Great way to keep a young imagination active, pursuing a challenging puzzle of some type while interacting with comic book characters. Some of my favorite books as a youngster were such classics as these little gems:

Maybe one day I'll publish a whole book of "Klonco's Fun Time Games & Puzzles"!? Ya never know...

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Anonymous said...

What a great piece of art.

The Cartoonistas are a dangerous team.

(Sorry for the sports reference.)