Monday, February 09, 2009

Fanboy Radio interview is now available

I was a guest on FANBOY RADIO yesterday, and the interview is now available for downloading. FANBOY RADIO is the premiere comic book podcast show, so I was really excited to make my first appearance on the show. It's the big time for comics interviews, that's for sure! Hosted by Scott Hinze and Oliver Tull, the show is a lively hour of interview and comic news and fun hijinx. These guys are real professionals, and even more important, true enthusiasts of comics.

Big thanks go to my good friend Jim Lujan (himself a very good friend of FbR and host Scott Hinze) for setting up the interview. Jim also called in on the show and brought his trademark sharp wit along for the ride. We talked about my work, but I was also billed as a 'Bronze Age Guru', so we had some good discussion on the great comics of the 1970s and what made them great.

Here's the link to the FbR site. As of this moment I'm writing this, the interview isn't posted on the site yet, but just subscribe to the show via iTunes (with the panel on the left) and listen to the interview or download via iTunes.

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Blair Kitchen said...

Hey Javier! Great interview!

Sounds like you're keeping busy!